Blog Concept


The Frame

The whole theme revolve around presenting my exploration of film photography and also the means by which I hopefully get better for the purpose of meeting the challenge set in the early posts of this blog.

Since we all learn from our mistakes, with me you will be able to laugh at and hopefully learn from my failures and other unfortunate moments.

Whatever the outcome is I will make sure I post about all the informations I find relevant and could not find easily elsewhere.

Eventually through my humble experience I’d like to provide, for all those interested, a clear resource on this wonderful medium.

 A Modern Approach

This blog isn’t built on the good old days nostalgia. We are not living in the 60s anymore.

The real question is: How to operate film photography in a sensible manner and keeping it current in the 21st century.

This can translate to a hybrid workflow: the scanner may replace the enlarger.

However, it doesn’t mean that an alternative printing methods such as the cyanotype (*) should be discarded. It has a lot of advantages for a modern approach …

(*) Now with this barbaric word, it is true that “modern” takes a kick in the teeth. I’ve never been a good sales man …




This website is designed to be bilingual english/french, which for the lone soul at work is a daounting task … Thanks in advance for your patience when I will set myself a 25 hours day job …

I am french, yeah, I know, sorry … all great things in life come french, it’s tough … but “c’est la vie” putting up with the arrogance that comes with it will be one of your lifelong endeavours.

Anyways as it is now obvious that Shakespeare does not in my veins flow like a Stella in a true english body, you will have the delicate kindness of excusing my dull and ill formed translations.

For technical reasons the english and french website are linked but separate. You can easily jump from one to the other, but in case of a problem here is the french website address:


I have briefly described in another page the reason of being for this blog. So in accordance with that principle I will contribute to these pages considering they are aimed at my kids.

Which by the time they grow up might take some interest in understanding why their childhood in the 21st century did unflod in black and white …

cruel, I know …

On Digital

The Film Photography Blog is obviously geared towards the analog capture, but beyond means of capture and final rendering, in many respects the practice of photography is the same.

I am now convinced that taking a bit of time to explore film photography is a great mean to improve one’s digital photography.

De facto all posts that could be applied independantly to film or digital photography will be categorized as “Film Digital”.

Off Topic

What with a few exceptions will not be dealt with in extenso but only on a case by case basis: cameras and gear in general.

The Film Photography Blog is not meant to be a review and chart test site of all the cameras on the market. Other resources are available online. When gear will be dealt with it will be from the angle of the best tool for achieving a specific goal. If I can that is…

I will relate my humble experience on this topic on a future post.

Down To Earth

The chosen approach is clearly down to earth, I am down to earth as a person, and whatever the case may be for a sigmoïd curve graph or long sentences, none of that has ever produced a photograph.

Fed up with blabla without illustrations ? this blog is for you !

Loud whistle

-Sigmoïd ! Move !

-Sigmoïd yourself !


The topics that will be dealt with among others


  • Photo techniques: capture, light etc…
  • Gear: film, film, film, all-right: camera, film, film etc…
  • Tests: film, processing etc…
  • Open: experience feed-back, projects, mishaps etc…

Posts  Subjects: Distribution Forecast

  • Hands On versus Rethorics 95% 95%


Photography Techniques