Hi! I'm Alexis

Just another live being convinced that the analog approach borders the biological perception.

Blog Concept

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Reason of being

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A few words on the “Me Myself and I” tune


A quick retrospective to observe the proprieties:

After a fruitless debut in film photography I was rapidely charmed by the visible flexibility of a digital capture. So I’m not one of the old guard, a survivor, catching hold of his philosopher’s stone like an old shrivelled mussel of its oil-polluted rock.

Then after keeping on trying to bend the digital capture signature toward the film emultion one, I decided to go back to what always made me dream. I will certainly, from time to time, elaborate on the reasons of this choice in my posts. But this isn’t the main purpose of the Film Photography Blog which is described here.

A quick status review to observe the proprieties (always, although rough on the edges I remain respectable):

I don’t practice film photography in a professional manner. Which means that to this day I save it for the personal share of my time. So I am not eiher the madman leaving Noe’s Arch, to confront the gale force winds and high waters of the “near end of this world” storm with my racing breaststroke technique…

  • old shrivelled mussel 20% 20%
  • Breaststroke Storm Racing 30% 30%
  • Film emultion with its soup du chef 100% 100%
  • Exemplary father and fantastic husband (household poll) 2% 2%
  • Exceptionnal father and husband (personal notation !) 85% 85%