Grey is all the light! All the colours!

I know technically grey is not a colour per se, but I hate to ear it is only a shade of black and white, no it’s not, it’s all the colours. And this is also technically sound (*): grey is actually all the colours brought together singing in unison the perfect harmony of light.

Film Photography Tri-X, Zeiss Ikon, Baie du Mont Saint MichelKodak Tri-X, EI 200, HC110 dil.B 5min 30, Zeiss Ikon

What I like about grey is that it’s all about the idea of light all about the idea of texture, that one could almost touch, feeling the smoothness or the rawness of the grains building a tone, making a scar.

It is such a feast for the eye that a nerve impulse enters in resonance, back and forth from your eyes to the your fingertips. The eyes asking your fingers how to touch, and your fingers asking your eyes how to see those ever evanescent artefacts of light: all these touching greys…

(*) All the wave lengths of visible light shape one by one the colours we see. When they are all mixed equally they produce what is called white light i.e. without any colour cast, from black to white, all along the “colours of grey”, all along that scale of shades, depending on the intensity of the light.